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From reducing wrinkles, enhancing lips naturally, and several more enhancing beauty services.

Our Promise

You are welcome to book an appointment for consultation with our certified aesthetic physician Dr. Semnani.

The newly opened medical spa has a very welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

Our services including:

Liquid “non surgical” face lift, botox, fillers, PDO threads for face/ neck and all body.
lips enhancement/augmentation
Micro needling with radio frequency for skin tightening, eliminating wrinkles in face and neck and all body, acne scars, cellulitis, stretch marks collagen building
Minor surgical procedures under local anesthesia, cysts, lipoma, skin tags, birth marks.

Dr Mandana Semnani

Dr Semnani has a broad range of expertise that includes different medical and aesthetic treatments. She has over 10 years of surgical experience with skin and other delicate tissues, and has the unique ability to create any plan that is right for you. She can do anything to enhance your beauty from reducing wrinkles or enhancing your lips with augmentation and several more natural looking beauty services.

Dr. Semnani has won several awards in both the surgical and non-surgical medical fields.

We, at Glamour Medical Spa strive to provide a client centered treatment plan that will best suit your individual needs. We will never recommend or deliver unnecessary services.

Please note:The cost of a consultation is $75 and will be applied towards the cost of your procedure if you choose to get one.

Dr. Mandana Semnani

Board Certified Physician


PDO thread minimal treatment one session!

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